Our Lighting Experts


Our expert team has a passion for lighting. And we’ve got 200 collective years of experience as a result. We are Lighting Consultants, Project Managers, and Lighting Distribution Specialists.

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Mark oversees sales and operations for our Texas-based, nationally focused lighting design and distribution business. With over 20 years of lighting distribution experience, and a true entrepreneurial spirit, Mark works with his team of sales professionals and project managers to oversee all elements of project logistics.

Mark Robinson
Vice President & General Manager

Chad is a driving force behind LFP since 13 years ago, managing & developing the business pipeline. Now leading the sales efforts with his grit and determination to satisfy his customers, his hands-on approach to solving customer’s lighting challenges with his extensive lighting background is his strength.

Chad DeMarco
Senior Lighting Consultant

Aaron has over 2 decades of construction experience in the DFW metroplex. Along with Chad DeMarco, he started the LFP division at Lights Fantastic over 13 years ago. Aaron’s enthusiasm for lighting, design and working with customers has strengthened LFP’s focus on the lighting needs of commercial new construction projects.

Aaron Smith
Senior Lighting Consultant

Bob partners with clients to provide budget conscious, quality products in alignment with jobsite production schedules. Bob’s 38 years of experience in the industry enables him to proactively address issues and problems that arise during the construction process.

Bob Fritts
Senior Lighting Consultant
LFP Lighting

Suzi is the leader of our Houston Area Builder Division, working exclusively with upscale multi-family developers. Suzi’s expertise lies in design and product selection, while providing materials and offering lighting solutions on projects throughout the development and construction process.

Suzi Schodts
Lighting Designer & Sales Consultant
JD Hemmert

JD moved from the northwest to join LFP in June of 2021. As Director of Project Management, JD supervises the day-to-day operations of projects. He has 20 years in Project Management and process design from various industries and is a former Nuclear Engineer for the Navy — having served on the USS Michigan.

JD Hemmert
Director of Project Management
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Our LFP Team emerged from the Dallas-based Lights Fantastic lighting collective in 2006. Created specifically to collaborate with the professional development industry, we now lend our expertise, oversight, and resources to development projects across the country.