Become a Sales Partner



the view of fort worth multifamily infinity pool courtyard at night with led lighting

We have a proven track record and a back-office system with multiple distribution points to allow you to do what you do best—provide products and services to take care of your multi-family customers, and EARN BIG MONEY.

As a sales partner with LFP Lighting, you will:

  • Own and manage your own sales office
  • Serve your customers directly and strengthen your business relationships
  • Depend on our hard-working operations and logistics team for all support functions
  • Secure multiple lighting contracts and build a business of your own

Are you an experienced multi-family, hospitality, or assisted-living sales professional?

Are your clients working on multiple projects in multiple states? Let us help you launch your very own sales office.


    Develop Opportunities

    Use your relationships to grow your business.

    • Serve as a customer facing sales professional
    • Grow new and existing relationships
    • Expand your business
    • Capture all segments of business within the multi-family industry, including apartments, condos, assisted-living & student housing projects

    Multi-family Lighting

    Focus on selling—we handle the backend operations.

    • LFP Lighting supports your bidding/estimating, purchasing, project management, distribution, logistics and invoices
    • Multiple distribution points—Dallas, Atlanta, Maryland, and California
    • Procurement from over 600 lighting suppliers, in-house manufacturing, and custom decorative importing, supplying full lighting packages
    • Investments in inventory to stage projects for delivery based on project schedules

    Work for you.

    Be entrepreneurial and own your success.

    • We help you succeed
    • You can monetize your relationships and efforts and achieve your financial goals without the risks of managing business operations
    • We all focus on our strengths, as well as grow and share in the profits fairly.